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Zodiac Signs as Thanksgiving Dishes

Emma Cahill
Tune in to see which Thanksgiving food aligns with your sign.

Aries: Gravy

This might seem like an odd choice for the stereotypically fiery Aries, but they are rather compatible with fellow fire sign Leo, the star of the show. However, this is not only a happy partnership. An Aries would never allow themself to be sidelined or underappreciated, which is highlighted by the intense opinions people have over this winning combination. Is the turkey only edible because it is paired with the starring gravy? Or is the gravy only made to complement the all-important turkey? As the first sign on the zodiac calendar, representing youth, Aries is as stubborn as any gravy-enthusiast defending their favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.


Taurus: Rolls

The steady, down-to-earth Taurus may seem boring at first, just like the rolls may be looked over in the grand scheme of a Thanksgiving table. But once the feast begins, the rolls are often one of the most coveted items because they are reliable and satisfying. Likewise, Taurus is often underappreciated despite being incredibly loyal and sweet, even if they’re not the loudest in the room.


Gemini: Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole is one of those dishes that you either love or hate and has to be cooked correctly. People generally have an equally divisive stance on Geminis, as they can come off as two-faced or “too much.” However, once you’ve had a good sweet potato casserole, you can appreciate how dimensional and filling it can be, much like the personality of a Gemini. A Gemini friend may be hard-earned, but they’re a good one.


Cancer: Apple Pie

Cancers are sweet, nurturing and loyal, making them the perfect sign to be matched with a classic Thanksgiving pie. The apple pie is an enduring American tradition and is always as comforting as a Cancer’s care and love. The beautiful Cancer is almost always a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves them and knows what to expect. Apple pies are no different. They always satisfy that specific comfort craving. 


Leo: Turkey

Obviously, the star of the zodiac calendar had to be the turkey. Leos shine bright no matter where they are, always drawing attention with ease. The centerpiece of most Thanksgiving tables does the exact same. After all, cooking a whole turkey is no small feat. Luckily, Leos have all the ambition needed to pull it off. The turkey can truly make or break a Thanksgiving dinner, but a Leo would never falter in that limelight.


Virgo: Cranberry Sauce

Virgos are modest perfectionists, people who always want to create the best version of themselves and their work. Often considered the most perfect part of any Thanksgiving dinner, cranberry sauce is the best in all its forms. Whether one prefers the canned variety, or their family’s secret homemade recipe, cranberry sauce carries many parts of this holiday, just like the hardworking Virgo who diligently works toward improving and perfecting.


Libra: Pumpkin Pie

True to form, deciding on what dish Libra should be brought a lot of difficulty to the process. Libra is a fair, well-balanced person who could be many, very different things. But most importantly, they are as charming as an American pumpkin pie. This symbol of fall and Thanksgiving itself is just like the well put-together Libra, who is too bright to not be a part of this list’s dessert designation.


Scorpio: Pecan Pie

Despite its being such a popular fixture in Thanksgiving dinners around the country, I have never understood what truly is in a pecan pie. And yet, it continues to be not only one of the most iconic fall pies, but it also inspires things like ice cream flavors year round as well. This secretive pie and its passionate enthusiasts relate perfectly to Scorpios because they will also go to great lengths to keep the things they want private tucked far away. They thrive off of this mysterious, sometimes cutthroat energy and often have a little bit of a sharp edge to them. Both Scorpios and pecan pie can be hard to adjust to. The pie too sweet to immediately take another bite. However, it gets better as one gets used to the ways of a Scorpio. That bravery and protection may be hard-won, but gaining a Scorpio’s trust is never a waste of time, just like how a slice of pecan pie will never disappoint.


Sagittarius: Ham

A Sagittarius is adventurous, curious and forward-thinking. While a majority of the nation will be setting a turkey at the center of their spread at Thanksgiving dinner, Sagittariuses choose to pursue another route. Ham is by no means new to the Thanksgiving lineup, but it is rarely ever given a chance to outshine or take the place of the turkey. Sagittarius is just daring enough to give the ham that opportunity, encouraged by curiosity and fascination. They can’t help but to wonder what if, for some reason, this is so much better?


Capricorn: Mashed Potatoes

Like Capricorns, mashed potatoes are warm, comforting and complementary. A Capricorn knows how to get along with many different signs and are just as diligent as potatoes are filling. They might not be the most exciting thing on the table, but the mashed potatoes are nothing if not reliable. Consistently good, they do their job just as a Capricorn would.


Aquarius: Stuffing

This sign is well known for being unique and adventurous, always doing something just a little bit different than everyone else. Similarly, every family has its own stuffing recipe, and it feels like newer and crazier ideas come out of the woodwork every year. Whether it’s a traditional recipe that has been in the family for decades or the newest food blog creation, stuffing can be just as unpredictable as any Aquarius who is constantly looking out for a way to innovate and change.


Pisces: Brussels Sprouts

Pisces are deeply sentimental and often cherish emotional memories or bonds. In this way they are similar to many Thanksgiving dishes as every family has its own important traditions. Brussels sprouts are something my family has every year, following a recipe of my grandmother’s, and so their appearance is significant on our table. Also, Pisces feel their emotions intensely and are often known to cry easily, which many a child has surely done at a Thanksgiving table, due to brussels sprouts.

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