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What’s in the Stars for You: 1989 T.V. Horoscopes

Natalie Zickel
Tune into this article to find which song from 1989 Taylor’s Version is your star sign’s anthem.

This past weekend, Taylor Swift released 1989 Taylor’s Version. In honor of this iconic re-release, tune into this article to find which song your star sign represents.

Aries: “Bad Blood”

“Bad Blood” is about an unnamed celebrity who wronged Swift. If someone wrongs an Aries or someone close to them, they will do everything to make it right. Their motivation will drive them to success in any goal with their natural leadership.

Taurus: “Wildest Dreams”

Tauruses are trustworthy, and “Wildest Dreams” is a known crowd pleaser. If asked to name a 1989 song, “Wildest Dreams” is a standard answer. Tauruses are known for their reliability and stability, as “Wildest Dreams” can always balance out the general vibe of a car ride or party aux.

Gemini: “Welcome to New York”

“Welcome to New York” might not be everyone’s favorite song on the album, but as a Gemini, it could potentially be yours. Playful and outgoing, Geminis look for the more upbeat songs, and “Welcome to New York” offers just that. As Geminis’ attributes are sometimes misconstrued, this song gets more hate than it deserves.

Cancer: “Clean”

“Clean,” as well as Cancers, is often overlooked on 1989. Although underrated, “Clean” is one of the deepest songs on the album, just like Cancers are with their emotional feelings. Being one of the most creative songs on the album, it resides with Cancers’ creative and moody tendencies. 

Leo: “Blank Space”

Leos love the drama, and “Blank Space” offers just that. Swift’s passion in this song correlates with Leos’ intensity in relationships. This may seem like a bad thing, but a Leo’s loyalty will never fail.

Virgo: “How You Get the Girl”

Determined and goal-oriented, Virgos know what they want and how to get it. “How You Get the Girl” portrays a step-by-step guide to get a girl to stay, in a fun and lively way. As perfectionists, Virgos will do whatever it takes to get what they want, and that includes the girl.

Libra: “You are in Love”

“You Are In Love” tells the beautiful story of two people falling in love. The song is powerful and moving, describing a peaceful and charming love story. Libras are known for their charismatic personalities that translate into their everlasting relationships that are told as dazzling love stories.

Scorpio: “Style”

Scorpios are brave, just like Swift is in this song when talking about her secretive romance with Harry Styles. Their enchanting personalities will “never go out of style” and create an aura of mystery in their day-to-day lives.

Sagittarius: “New Romantics”

Adventurous and energetic, Sagittariuses are always open to something new. “New Romantics” offers an insight into a blossoming playful relationship. Sagittariuses’ energetic moods can always light up a room, just as this song has the power to.

Capricorn: “Wonderland”

“Wonderland” is creative, as it explores an imaginary world. A Capricorn’s curiosity leads them down rabbit holes, as their ambition helps them explore new ideas, as they are always up to try something new.

Aquarius: “Shake it Off”

Independent and carefree, Aquarians love to brush off what people think of them and beat to their own drum, as Swift does in “Shake it Off.” An Aquarian doesn’t let things get to their head or let others’ opinions bother them, as they know the “haters gonna hate.”

Pisces: “This Love”

Compassionate and emotional like a Pisces, “This Love” is a sweet story of a healthy relationship after one of distress in the past. Pisces are loving towards others, just as this song highlights the value of a strong and caring relationship.

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    Jenine LocheNov 1, 2023 at 3:59 pm

    Love this article. Pretty accurate for me!