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What’s in the Stars for You: Fall Film Guide for Zodiacs

Emma Cahill
Cozy up with a cup of apple cider to watch these classic fall films, curated for you.

Looking for the perfect fall film? Look no further. The Villanovan has the recommendations for you, perfectly curated based on your star sign.

Aries: Knives Out

Known for their ambition, determination and boldness, Aries should watch Knives Out. This film captures the energy of this audacious fire sign, as Detective Benoit Blanc attempts to unravel the murder mystery that plays out before him. Giving all the fall feels with its New England aesthetic and, of course, Chris Evans in his iconic knit sweater, this movie will keep the fiery Aries captivated.

Taurus: Little Women

As you watch this film, Taurus, you will probably relate to Jo March. Stubborn, loyal and intelligent, Tauruses will fall in love with the March sisters in this classic film adaptation of Louisa Alcott’s novel. Little Women tells a heartwarming story about the bond between sisters and is the perfect cozy fall movie.

Gemini: When Harry Met Sally

Playful, quick-witted and curious, Geminis will fall in love with When Harry Met Sally. This film contains the ultimate banter goals in the relationship between Harry and Sally. And not to mention, Sally’s fussiness and specificity when ordering is maybe a little bit too accurate to your liking. When Harry Met Sally gives the most authentic autumn energy with its scenery of foliage in Central Park and fall vibes all around Manhattan.

Cancer: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Cancer, your highly nurturing and emotional nature is perfect for a viewing of the Fantastic Mr. Fox. This Wes Anderson film, while seemingly a light-hearted movie, contains underlying themes of the meaning of instinct, greed and family life. Fantastic Mr. Fox is also arguably one of the most aesthetic autumnal movies of all time, featuring the classic Wes Anderson style of film that dazzles the eye.

Leo: Harry Potter

We get it, Leo. You’re a Gryffindor. Harry Potter is the perfect fall movie for Leos, who are drawn to power and leadership. In watching this film, Leo, you will be captivated by the intense Quidditch competitions, the inter-house rivalries and the battle against “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.” As one of the most iconic movie series of all time, Harry Potter will not fail to entertain you, muggles.

Virgo: Twilight

I know you will roll your eyes at me, Virgo. But Twilight is the perfect film for you hard-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside individuals. Maybe you relate to Edward a little too much, giving off all the stubborn and standoffish vibes. But we all know on the inside how much you really care. As one of the most iconic fall films ever, get yourself acquainted with the vampires and werewolves world of this Stephanie Meyers adaptation.

Libra: You’ve Got Mail

Libra, your love for all things beautiful and charming nature makes Nora Ephron’s film You’ve Got Mail a great choice for your fall viewing pleasure. The cyber romance between Kathleen and Joe and the ultimate enemies to lovers plot line will knock your socks off and appeal to your love of harmony. This film will inspire you to have a Meg Ryan autumn, and maybe even fall into your own romantic entanglements.

Scorpio: Election

Determined, secretive and driven, Scorpios would make great presidential candidates. Election is the perfect fall film for these ambitious zodiacs. Featuring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon, this film tells the satirical tale of a high school student government election and the tensions that arise in voting for the president. It’s the perfect back-to-school film, and might just remind you of some fall memories back at your high school.

Sagittarius: A Rainy Day in New York

As one of the most spontaneous zodiac signs, A Rainy Day in New York is the perfect fall film for you. Watch Timothee Chalamet as he wanders around New York City, embracing the spontaneous energy of yourself, Sagittarius. Featuring a star studded cast of Selena Gomez, Elle Fanning, Jude Law and of course, Timothee Chalamet, this film gives off the perfect scenery of a Manhattan fall.

Capricorn: Good Will Hunting

Oh, persistent and sensitive Capricorn. Good Will Hunting is the perfect tale of the underdog for you. Following Matt Damon’s portrayal of Will, the genius IQ janitor at MIT, to his encounters with Robin Williams’ Professor Lambeau, this movie will certainly tug at your heartstrings. Set during a beautiful Boston autumn, this movie gives off the perfect autumn energy all while contemplating the meaning of life.

Aquarius: Dead Poets Society

For the highly intellectual and inspired Aquarius, you must watch the classic film Dead Poets Society. All your life, you had hoped for a teacher like Mr. Keating, who thinks outside of the box and stands on desks reciting poetry by Walt Whitman. Watching this film will inspire you to “Carpe Diem,” or seize the day. This film features the gothic aesthetics of the New England all boys boarding school, and in the process, will likely make you cry hysterically at what is to come.

Pisces: The Princess Bride

Your head is in the clouds, Pisces, making The Princess Bride the most ideal movie choice for you this fall. Gentle and kind, you daydream of being Buttercup or Wesley, and being swept away into a fairy-tale world. With the enchanted forest vibes that capture fall energy, The Princess Bride will make you laugh and cry on repeat.

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