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Horoscopes September 20th

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You might be finding yourself overwhelmed and out of routine, Aries. You are far from a pro at setting boundaries, leaving yourself overworked. With the school year now in full swing, don’t forget to take time for yourself. It can be easy to fill your social schedule without thinking of the ramifications. An intense energy is coming to you this week, and it will require you to take some moments in your busy schedule for yourself. 


Slow it down, Taurus. Things are going exceptionally well for you right now, and you might begin to get ahead of yourself. All of your priorities are in order, and the future seems exceptionally exciting. Take a moment, relish it and, now, begin to shift your focus on the present. You may fail to acknowledge and enjoy the daily moments of joy in your life, so ground yourself to the present in the upcoming week. You may find that good things will become more abundant. 


There’s a bucket of gold at the end of your rainbow, and you will find it soon. Gemini, you have a secret admirer, and chances are, you know who it is. Accept and claim the good thoughts and people that are coming your way. As a new season approaches, you find yourself entering a new period of your life. Romantic love is coming your way, and it is in your best interest to let it happen. 


Take in the stability while you can, Taurus. You are on top of your work, friendships and all other aspects of your life. You finally feel everything aligning after weeks of stress. Enjoy your upcoming time with friends and family. Now is the time to confide in those around you. Despite your feelings of stability, use this time to connect with your loved ones in a deeper, more meaningful way. Fill your cup, while also filling others’.


It is okay to have people in your life who fulfill only a single role. Leo, you are a natural social butterfly. Recently, you have been feeling guilty about not having deep connections with everyone in your life. Remember: not everyone has to be your best friend. Take it easy and enjoy the company of those around you. Don’t overthink your relationships this week, Leo. Your own worst enemy is yourself. Be gentle.


Happy Virgo season. Your organization habits are in full force. Although it might not seem like there is time to complete everything on your to-do list, you always make it work, Virgo. Keep doing what you are doing. However, there is something coming to you. It may not feel positive at first, but no one knows how to dodge difficult situations like you do. Take the leap of faith, and trust in your own abilities. 


You’re feeling impulsive. Things seem to be taking a turn in your life, and you want to lean into this new “you.” Embrace this desire and make a change, Libra. You are uniquely yourself, but don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer suits you. You can change aspects of yourself while still knowing and staying true to your values. You know what is best for you. 


You might be facing pressure and doubt from outside sources. When everyone seems to be turned against you, move forward with a brave face. There are people in your life who are not serving you and are bringing down your energy. While it is hard to ignore the opinions of others, you are determined and confident. You can make it through, Capricorn. Block it out.


This week, you might be feeling extra irritable and tired. Although it feels inevitable to snap at your friends and spend time to yourself, don’t lock yourself out, Scorpio. Remember to find stable ground within yourself. Your internal frustration does not need to be released to those around you. You may find yourself facing serious troubles throughout this week, but take them lightly. Do not let these troubles bring you down. They will be sorted out soon. 


You may feel like your emotions are all out of whack this week, Sag. Let these emotions be used as a guiding force for your future decisions. Let yourself feel these emotions, but be strong enough to use your emotions practically. If you can do this, everything will fall right into place. 


Know what you want, Aquarius. The energy you send out is what you will get back. Sorting out your priorities should be your top priority this week. If you continue along the unknown path you have started on, you will only make yourself more confused. Simple decisions will bring much relief to you. 


Hey, Pisces, if you feel like you are at the bottom of the barrel right now, the only way from here is up. You’ve been having troubles romantically and your immediate reaction is to lock yourself out from love. A new romantic interest is bound to walk into your life soon. Keep an open mind and do not be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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