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Horoscopes: Villanova Majors as Zodiac Signs

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Aries: Pre-Med

You have definitely stayed up in the reading room past midnight trying to acquire a perfect 4.0 to help you get into medical school. Aries has a naturally competitive and ambitious attitude that is crucial when both studying for the MCAT and walking into any class in Mendel. Your fiery energy and impatience makes you quick to judge the kids in MSE courses who are just now learning the difference between an element and a molecule. (Don’t judge us. We are trying our best.) Enjoy overloading on credits until you graduate. 


Taurus: Pre-Law

You’re stubborn in every possible way and enjoy a good argument. Whether you are political science, communication, English or another major, you make sure everyone knows that you are on the pre-law track. Taurus’ reliability and loyalty allows them to get the job done, no matter the case. Although Kim Kardashian may have made passing the Baby Bar look easy, we know you are putting in hours of work. P.S.: You don’t have to open every conversation with how many pages of reading you did last night.


Gemini: Communication

You’ve probably been seen one too many times late to class, walking up the hill to Garey Hall with your Holy Grounds beverage in hand. Adaptable and intelligent, Geminis thrive off the flexibility in the Communication Department. Yes, you may be called basic and your major might not get the respect it deserves, but Geminis have what it takes to own it. Your lack of filter and opinionated voice definitely helped you forge your way through Public Speaking. Chances are, you haven’t taken a test since you finished your MSE requirement. You will never be spotted in the library, so go home and enjoy your lack of homework. 


Cancer: Psychology

Deeply emotional and sensitive, it’s likely that many Cancers have thought about a career as a therapist at some point. Chances are, there is some deep-seated trauma that has influenced your major choice, but what is a psychology major without it? You are probably the friend group mediator and have heard your fair share of campus gossip. We trust you to keep those secrets safe. You would never betray your friends’ trust or HIPAA. 


Leo: Finance

Yes, we have seen your LinkedIn post about getting a return offer at Goldman Sachs. No, you do not need to remind us. Leo, you are strong-willed, powerful and love being the center of attention. Only a Leo can put in those 18-hour work days in investment banking, or as you would say IB. (Yes, we CLAS students know your lingo, too.) You may have a crippling addiction to Slack and going to networking events, but we admire you. Also: please stop wearing flip-flops to class. No one needs to see that. 


Virgo: Engineering

Your typical Holy Grounds order is probably a large iced Americano with three shots, but you need it. We’re so happy that your building is finally getting the recognition it deserves (shoutout 150,000 square foot addition). Hopefully, it gets finished before you graduate. Virgos are known to be humble, practical and eternally stressed. No one really knows what you do, but we know you are good at it, and we trust you to build our bridges. We’re also all secretly jealous of your hardhats. 


Libra: Undecided

Libra, you are extroverted and far too friendly for your own good. The second you step inside the library to get work done, you tend to get sidetracked, having conversations with everyone who walks by. Despite your natural intelligence, you just cannot seem to figure out what you want to do. You have probably spent hours at the involvement fair, career center and in meetings with your teachers, but making the decision to major in something seems too, for lack of a better word, major. Enjoy your copious amount of free time and lack of commitments while you have it. 


Scorpio: Political Science

When Scorpios want something, they go for it, just like every political science major at Villanova who believes they will be in Congress someday. With a tendency to be secretive and, occasionally, manipulative, Scorpios can dominate debate and sway public opinion while keeping their cool. Despite your tendency to explain the intricacies of politics as if people have never heard of the three branches of government, you are fearless and wise with a desire for the unattainable. 


Sagittarius: Marketing

Sagittariuses are dynamic and curious, always searching for an answer to a solution. The most forgotten major of VSB, you represent the creative amongst the practical. Fiercely loyal, there is no question about your dedication to VSB after sticking through CE, when you could have just changed your major to Communication. You may feel like a poser in Bartley, but we all admire your sneaky intelligence and humor. 


Capricorn: Accounting

We get it, you actually enjoyed Financial Accounting, and your favorite professor is Stephen Liedtka. You’re persistent, practical and always make sure the cash flows are balanced. No one else can find amusement, nor success in staring at excel spreadsheets, but you make it look easy. The only major with a supposed 100% employment rate in VSB, have fun auditing for the rest of your days. 


Aquarius: Secondary Education

Aquarius, you are so sure in your ability to inspire the youth and innovate. However, this desire somehow manifests itself in creating lesson plans and ice-breaker activities. Although Education majors are few and far between at Villanova, you are doing important work that the rest of the school population simply cannot fathom. Unique is quite the way to describe you as it definitely takes someone special to make under 50k and deal with snotty kids all day. Go get to work on your next Canva slideshow. 


Pisces: English

We all know you don’t actually enjoy reading Milton, but it does make you look just a little cool on the fourth floor of the library. Artistic and wise, Pisces are your typical English majors. And, yes, they will be the first in the room to say Colleen Hoover books aren’t real literature. You’re known for your big dreams, and you will definitely need them once you graduate. Your passion project will take off soon. We’re rooting for you, Pisces.

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