Villanova University Receives $1.25 Million Dollars Towards Military and Veteran Services


Courtesy of Villanova University

Veterans services recently received a large grant.

Lauren Armstrong, Staff Writer

On April 17th, 2023, Villanova University announced a $1.25 million dollar donation from Brian F. Prince as an endowment for the Director of the Office of Veterans and Military Services. Prince, President and CEO of Hegemon Capital, Inc., has funded the Veterans Resource Center at Villanova, and has cumulatively granted the school more than $2.5 million dollars for military and veteran services at Villanova, helping a multitude of veteran students receive their well-earned Villanova degree. Villanova is dedicated to ensuring that those who attend Villanova hold true to the three categories of Unitas, Caritas and Veritas; categories also seen within the United States Military. The grants gifted by the Prince family help ensure these students are able to engage in the Villanova community without worrying about the rising costs of education in the United States. 

Villanova’s Office of Veterans and Military Service Members was founded in 2018, and since then has received almost $8 million dollars in donations in the short five years since its founding. The Office is dedicated to helping veterans reach their full potential, whether it be personal, academic and professional. 

“Villanova University is committed to ensuring student-veterans have access to a world-class education and professional development opportunities, and are successful in the classroom and beyond,” Mike Brown, the Prince Family Director in the Office of Veterans and Military Service Members, said. “Brian’s continued support has made our goals a reality. We want to be more than just veteran-friendly; we want to be veteran-inclusive and ready to give veterans, service members and their families a place to learn, grow and succeed. I cannot thank Brian enough for his support and commitment.” 

The impact of Prince’s donation has had equal effects on the mindset of students, in addition to those who work for the office. 

“With the rising cost of tuition in the United States, it is crucial that Universities have funds set aside for those who academically deserve the same education, but may not be able to afford it,” freshman Marissa Bastian said. “Prince’s grant to the University is such a gift that will allow more and more service members who were willing to serve our nation and put their lives on the line the opportunity to receive a Villanova degree and education.” 

Villanova has strong ties to the military, dating as far back as World War II. Even today, the University holds a strong history of service, as well as a variety of ROTC programs. The University’s Yellow Ribbon Project has also been expanded, a program dedicated to helping veterans and their dependents fund tuition. Villanova now has a record-high 50 students participating.  

“We are proud to support Villanova University and the Office of Veteran and Military Service Members with its mission of providing the support and space for student-veterans to get their Villanova degrees,” Prince said. “The University’s long-standing tradition of supporting military service members and nurturing individuals dedicated to lifelong learning, critical thinking and commitment to community is in direct harmony with what veterans can offer as civic leaders following their service to our country.” 

The grant provided by Prince will help a multitude of veteran students pursuing their higher education for years to come.