Women in Law Launch Week

Annabelle Deasy, Staff Writer

While the idea of law school looms in the heads of many Villanova undergraduate students preparing for a career in law, the VU Pre-Law Society is taking the initiative to inspire young women on this journey. Student Julia Butch took action in creating Women in Law, a subgroup of the Pre-Law Society. To take action on campus, the group announced the initiative on March 30th with an event entitled “Women Applying to Law School,” featuring admissions counselor at American University Washington College of Law Emily Golub as a guest speaker. 

“[I want] to offer females the chance to empower one another and ask more tailored questions about pursuing a legal education and career,” Butch said, explaining why she created this initiative.

Women make up 40% of lawyers in the United States and 38.3% globally. While this percentage is not extremely low, it still places women at a disadvantage in the system, especially because many women do not make nearly as much money as their male counterparts. Empowering women working in law or the legal system is critical to allow for equal opportunity. This initiative is intended to uplift and support women going through this rigorous process. Confidence is a key part of being a lawyer and that can be challenging for women who are often put down in that environment. 

“I’m excited that other Villanova students are creating a place where women looking to start a law career can support one another and share helpful tips to foster a supportive community on campus,” freshman and elected student government association senator Gigi Giuliano said.

To become involved with the group, Butch suggests joining the Pre-Law Society to receive news and upcoming events. The group is also putting on an event called “Empowering Future Female Law Students” on April 5th, featuring alumna and former Pre-Law Society president Chloe Hillson. Hillson currently is a JD candidate at Columbia University. Transitioning from undergraduate to law school can be a grueling process and it is helpful to hear from another woman who has undergone this experience.

“The sky is the limit for women in law,” Butch said.