2023 Spring Career Fairs

Jamie Galloway, Staff Writer


Villanova undergraduate students gathered in the Villanova Room for the 2023 Spring Career Fairs on February 15th and 16th, connecting them to more than 144 employers and opportunities for full-time jobs and internships. 

Eager candidates dressed in their finest business attire and delivered their most suitable elevator pitches to companies, hoping to acquire full-time positions or internships.

There were three different fairs, which provided multiple professional opportunities for students, regardless of their majors. On Wednesday, the Full-Time Career Fair took place from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and the Internship Fair took place from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. The Engineering & Science Career Fair was from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Thursday. 

Villanova’s Career Center, a resource for students that manages hundreds of events and programs in collaboration with employers and alumni, organized the fair. Students used the Handshake app to register for the event and learn more about the employers. 

Upon arrival at the event, students could hang up their coats and print out tags stating their names, majors and years. Also, there were multiple Career Center team members to help students navigate the fair. They were easy to find as they were wearing blue Villanova shirts. 

Students received informative packets of all employers at the fair. The packets included details, such as company descriptions, job types, fairs they were attending and booth numbers. 

One-hundred-forty-four companies attended this event. These companies included AlphaSights, Campbell, NJM Insurance Group and PWC. Employers set up posters, scattered flyers along the tables and handed out personalized merchandise to best promote their company. 

The events and operations manager at the Career Center, Maura Jackman, said that the Career Center team started planning for the fair in mid-October. When asked how they recruit companies, she said many reach out themselves. Villanova works with many as partners, and many have Villanova alumni as employees.

Janine Riccardi, events and operations specialist, explained that the primary goal of the event was to kick off a career search and allow networking for a job or internship. Many students were triumphant as they were offered interviews or potential positions.

Pierce Munsey, a sophomore finance major, reported his achievements. 

 “I was able to practice my elevator pitch to a wide variety of different employers,” Munsey said. “This was great practice for me because I learned how to properly customize my pitch depending on whom I was speaking with.” 

The event was well-promoted across campus and the event had a substantial outcome. Through emails and flyers, students were aware of the event. Professional development classes also promoted the fairs in class. 

David Lasak, a sophomore double major in finance and MIS, shared how he knew about the event. 

“Although it was a mandatory event for my class, I wanted to talk to employers and practice my elevator pitch,” he said.

The Career Center did a fantastic job providing an organized and professional setting for students to practice their elevator pitches and networking skills. The wide variety of employers allowed all undergraduate students to explore their interests. The Career Center will likely start planning the Fall Career Fair within the next few weeks.