Winter Gala Preview


Graydon Paul

The Award Ceremony was held in Connelly Center.

Emily Attisano, Staff Writer

On the evening of February 17th , The Division of Student Life will host the annual Winter Gala in the Connelly Center from 9pm to 12am. All undergraduate students were invited to reserve their complementary Gala tickets through the VU Events website before January 31st. . This year’s formal invitation captured the usual effervescence of the Gala – its wintery atmosphere basked in shimmering lights and music. Students always take great delight in the Gala’s assortment of refreshments and entertainment, and this year is poised to be just as amazing. Those who attend can indulge in plenty of food, drinks, dancing, music and casino games while enjoying the winter decorations. For students 21 and older, wine, beer and champagne will also be served.

The Winter Gala is an exciting way to celebrate the new semester, enjoy a night of music and dancing and dress up in formal attire so dresses, skirts, suits or slacks are acceptable. A night of dressing up is always one of the reasons the Winter Gala is so enchanting. 

Julia Mastino, a comprehensive science major, conveyed her excitement for the Gala. 

“Being able to find a new dress and get ready with friends is my favorite part of going to the Winter Gala,” Mastino said. “I just really love how fun it is to get dressed up with all of my friends, and it makes the Gala even more exciting.” 

There are so many captivating parts of the Winter Gala, and students had unique reasons for reserving their tickets to the event. This year’s invitation promised live performances, a DJ and other sources of entertainment, which excited many students. 

Harnoor Sekhoon, a student in VSB, described how much she is looking forward to a night of dancing and music. 

“It is always so much fun to be able to enjoy the music and dance with my friends and also just hang out with so many other students,” she said. 

For other students, the Gala is a tremendous way of escaping the pressure of a new semester and instead celebrating the beginning of the new year. 

Diorys Savinon, a marketing and business analytics double major, shared why she is anticipating this year’s Winter Gala. 

“As the semester becomes more stressful, the Winter Gala is a really fun way to enjoy campus, see friends and just escape some of this stress for a night,” Savionon said. “I’m also really excited to dance and dress up for a night.” 

From the excitement of dressing up in formal attire to the anticipation of a night of music, dancing and friends, this year’s Gala is poised to be as amazing as previous years. Students across campus are eagerly awaiting the event, be it to spend time with friends or enjoy some music and dancing. 

Whatever the reason for attending, the Connelly Center, decorated in sparkling winter decor and brimming with lively students, will be unmissable. The Winter Gala will undoubtedly be one of the best nights of the spring semester.