Involvement Fair Preview


Olivia Pasquale/Villanovan Photography

The Involvement Fair is coming up next week for students looking to join new clubs or organizations.

Hannah Sweeney, Co-News Editor

As the Spring semester begins and classes start picking up, it is more important than ever

that students find time for the activities they enjoy in the midst of all the stress. In attempts to get students involved and to help them feel more comfortable during the transition back from break, the Office of Student Involvement will be hosting the 2023 Spring Student Involvement Fair.


The Involvement Fair is held at the beginning of every semester and features stands and

booths from almost every organization on campus. Currently, Villanova has more than 200 student run clubs and organizations, giving students looking to get involved a wide variety of opportunities to find something that interests them. This could include clubs focused on sports, volunteering, music, art, theater, social justice, politics, movies and much more.


“When I went to the involvement fair last semester I met some girls on the club

basketball team who convinced me to try out. Now it’s one of my favorite things I do on campus,” Isabelle Jacowleff said. “I like being part of a team because it makes the big school feel a little smaller.”


“Some of my best friends are the people I met through joining Formula,” Villanova junior and driver controls lead for the Villanova Formula team, Sola Dugbo, said. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to be involved in coming into Villanova. I went to the involvement fair and signed up for a bunch of different clubs and ended up finding something I really enjoy.”


This semester’s Involvement Fair will take place on Tuesday, February 7th, from 5-8 pm in

the Villanova Room located in the Connelly Center. Whether students are looking for new

extracurriculars to fill their time or trying to get more involved in something they are passionate about, stop by and check out some of the communities that enrich and connect Villanova’s student body.