Voter Registration Deadline Approaches


Oct. 24 is the final day to register to vote in Pennsylvania

Isabella Carlin, Staff Writer

Monday, Oct. 24 is the final day to register to vote in Pennsylvania for the upcoming Midterm Election on Nov. 8. Many Villanova students decided to register to vote in PA due to the importance of the races in the swing state. 


By registering to vote in Pennsylvania, students have the chance to have their voices heard in the gubernatorial race, featuringDoug Mastriano (R) vs. Josh Shapiro (D), and Senate race, featuring Mehmet Oz (R) vs. John Fetterman (D). Votes can also be cast for the House of Representatives candidates and PA State Senators. All 203 PA House of Representative seats are up for election as well. 


As Villanova students, you have the right to register in PA,” said Villanova’s Assistant Director of Government & Community Relations, Hally Ammons. “Registration forms must be received by Monday, 10/24, so it is important to complete the forms as soon as possible. I recommend that students visit the Let’s Vote Nova website via the Office of Student Involvement to find complete instructions on how to register.” 


Students are encouraged to register online or visit the Office of Student Involvement, located in  Dougherty Hall Room 102 to pick up voter registration forms to be mailed to the voting district. Additionally, Let’s Vote Nova volunteers will be available to assist students who are interested in registering throughout the week in front of Dougherty Hall. 


Students who are registering to vote in-person may view transportation to the polling center on election day as a challenge. However, Let’s Vote Nova plans to coordinate an accessible transportation service.


“Let’s Vote Nova will be providing shuttles to polling places from Connelly Circle throughout the day on Election Day,” Ammons said. “Volunteers will be stationed at Connelly Circle to confirm students’ registration status and their polling place to ensure that students are getting on the correct shuttle. Students should check their voter registration status this week so they have time to correct any issues before Election Day. Students can check their status at the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website.” 


For many Villanovans, this election is unique, as it is their first time exercising their civic duty and visiting the polls on Nov. 8.


“This is the first election I can vote in and feel it is important to utilize my Constitutional right to do so,” freshman Natalie Zickel said. “It only takes a few minutes to register, but it is a huge step towards being an active participant in our country. I hope that voting in this midterm election will be my first step in contributing to the betterment of America’s political system.” 


Although the voter registration process may seem daunting to students, the opportunity to participate in the United States democratic process and see one’s vote count is worth it. The result of the midterm elections will impact each and every American. 


“Villanova’s mission statement calls for a community of people ‘who seek to nurture a concern for the common good and who share an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship,’ Ammons said. “When we vote, we not only vote for ourselves, but with and on behalf of the community to which we belong. The impact of your vote is hard to understate. When voters in a diverse community like Villanova participate, regardless of how they vote, the result is often more fair and accurate representation for all.” 

For more information regarding voter registration, visit Dougherty 102. Students can also learn more about Let’s Vote Nova by visiting its website: or following their Instagram account-@letsvotenova.