Majors Fair Preview

Katie Reed, News Columnist

Now that Villanovans have made it through nearly a month of classes and adjusting to being back on campus, it is time to turn their attention toward the annual CLAS Majors and Minors Fair and, if they haven’t already, start thinking about what they are passionate about studying. 

Senior Julia Micklo is running the event, which will be held this upcoming Friday, Sept. 30 from 1-4 p.m. She has been working alongside the Majors Fair Committee to ensure that it will be successful and enjoyable for students. 

“[The Majors Fair Committee] is a small group of students who work, with the help of our faculty advisor Andy Bove, to decide on theming, location, booking outside vendors and communication with all CLAS departments to put the event on,” Micklo said. “We have a great team, and I am so happy to be working with them all.”

The fair will take place around the Oreo should the weather cooperate, but if it does not, the rain location is set to be the Villanova Room in Connelly Center. Additionally, the theme this year is “Choosing a Major Has Never Been So Sweet,” so students who attend the fair can expect to see and enjoy plenty of treats, such as ice cream, according to Micklo.  

It can be overwhelming to think about picking a major or deciding what one wants to do with four years at the University, but there are many great options available to Villanovans that can help them narrow down their interests. Micklo encouraged students to have a positive mindset and to start taking the time to consider those options.

“Come with an open mind and make the most of it,” Micklo said. “This is a great opportunity to start finding your unique academic path.”

Overall, the Majors Fair presents an engaging environment full of students and faculty who care deeply about the disciplines they are there to talk about, so if one has any questions or wants advice on what majors or minors best suit their interests, be sure to stop by the fair. If nothing else, come for the sweet treats, and stay for the meaningful conversations.