SGA Elections Kick Off with Campaign Week


SGA is a group of student leaders who are committed to making change on campus.

Giuliana Black, Staff Writer

As the fall semester begins, it is once again time for the freshman class senator elections for Villanova’s Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is a group of student leaders who are passionate about inciting change, representing their peers on campus and creating a comfortable environment for students to feel heard. Campaign week runs from Sept. 9 to Sept. 16, with voting occurring from 8 a.m. on Sept. 15 to noon of Sept. 16. Freshman will receive the link to vote in a mass email distribution, which allows each individual to vote for six different candidates. Once the votes are finalized, another email will be sent out congratulating the new class senators.


The six new senators will represent the Class of 2026 within the Legislative Branch. These senators will work with a variety of projects, such as organizing the airport shuttles for students during breaks, holding general town hall meetings to hear from their peers and running Let’s Vote Nova, which will be an extremely important resource to help students vote with the midterm elections approaching.  


Throughout the summer and the first several weeks of the semester, SGA has been working with the Elections Commission, an unbiased and independent group dedicated to facilitating a fair and smooth election process. Both groups have decided to change the election process by making it earlier than normal. This was done to allow as many students as possible the opportunity to get involved before other extracurricular and academic responsibilities take over. As a result, there are 11 candidates running, which is larger and more competitive than last year’s race.   


The candidates share a sense of anticipation and excitement leading into campaign week. Most of them, like Anthony Taranto Jr., have previous experience with student government. Taranto explained that within his large high school, he held several leadership positions in student government, such as “Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior Executive, President of Student Senate and Student Representative of the Board of Education,” on top of other positions within National Honor Society and his lacrosse team.  


Similarly, these candidates are passionate about leadership. 


“I have a passion for representation and advocacy, and I have the experience to get stuff done,”  Hannah McNeill said. “I would like to have discussions with the school administration on decisions that will affect students.”


Kaylee Becker explained why she is excited to have this opportunity for leadership, as “it feels good to not only identify what can be better, but to actually put in the work and see it through is exciting.”  


Another shared quality of these candidates is their desire for facilitating a strong community. 


“I am thrilled for the opportunity to be a freshman senator and hope to continue pushing a strong sense of belonging within our community,” Isabelle Ferguson said


Gavin Crozier spoke about his own experience at Villanova so far. 


The past few weeks at Villanova have been incredible because of the community the students here have created,” Crozier noted. “As senator, I will work to continue and strengthen this feeling of community, especially for the freshman class.”


Vasu Raval explained that he is passionate about making a change and hopes for the senator position “as an opportunity to advocate for the best interests of a gifted group of students, and [I] hope to serve as a liaison between student government and the freshman class.” 


Raval also spoke about a topic that several candidates are focused on: diversity, equity and inclusion. He stated the importance of “promoting diversity and inclusion around campus.” 


Zach Hetrick said that his personability and responsibility will aid in his “commitment to making Villanova a diverse, equal and inclusive space for all students, and will always adhere to these principles when deciding how to vote on legislation.” 


“I will look to listen to all my classmates’ opinions and strive for unity and inclusion,” candidate Aleko Zeppos said. “If elected, I would make sure that everyone’s voice is heard, and everyone’s opinions are represented throughout student life here at Villanova. I want to make our new home an inclusive place that can allow this new Class of 2026 to thrive and ignite change wherever we go.” 


Finally, Patrick Morin is eager to continue his college career and is excited to make Villanova the best home it can be. 


“One of the guiding phrases for my campaign is ‘Class of 2026, let’s show Nova Nation what we’re made of,’”  Morin said. “As first-year students, we bring a wave of new ideas, opinions and backgrounds to the University; together, we can and will show Nova the power we hold as students and what we are made of.”