Trey Fourticq Completes Promising Freshman Season


Courtesy of Villanova Athletics

Trey Fourticq (left) had a promising freshman campaign.

Noah Swan, Staff Writer

The Villanova men’s tennis team did not share the same level of success as its counterparts on the basketball team. The brutal schedule that took the Wildcats from the mid-Atlantic to the West Coast and back resulted in only three wins for the team on the schedule. Head coach Brad Adams intends for these grueling matches to breed competitors, and freshman Trey Fourticq is next in line.

The Los Angeles-native brings a more nuanced perspective following his first season repping the Villanova blue. For him, it is a story of balance and optimism that has maintained his mental stability throughout massive adjustments during the past nine months.

Before even beginning practice on campus, Fourticq had to deal with a cross-country move, exchanging southern California for suburban Philadelphia.

“It was definitely a big adjustment,” Fourticq said of his move. “I had never seen snowfall before coming here. I was drawn to Villanova by the prestigious business school and the athletic department.”

The freshman does not focus on the anxiety or potential isolation from the three-hour time change. He remembers the snow. Amid the stress of building a new life somewhere else, the positivity prevails.

There were on-court adjustments, too. Like many junior players, Fourticq lacked significant doubles experience in high school Maximizing the new Villanovan’s talents on the court would once again require a learning curve.

“I barely played any doubles in high school,” he said. “I like to stay back most of the time, so it was a lot of working on my net game and getting my volleys better. Being on the court with another player is totally different. Learning the different strategies has been fun and also challenging.”

As Fourticq notes, doubles play warps the bounds of the court while also completely altering the dynamics of play. Beyond the strategy, the mental game shifts with the addition of a teammate — chemistry and communication emerge as key variables in team play. 

Adams has tinkered with the lineup throughout the season, but he landed on the partnership of sophomore Anthony Prokurat and Fourticq as his #2 team by the end of the year. While the team did not manage to secure a wealth of positive results, the younger of the duo found the partnership fruitful.

“We had some good wins,” Fourticq notes of his relationship with Prokurat. “We had a tough battle against St. John’s the other day. We work well together. I think we complement each other’s games well. We have great communication, so it’s been fun.”

Despite the growing pains, Fourticq has still found the new doubles game enjoyable. He has arrived at Villanova able to deal with the treacherous schedule while finding success in the sometimes-lopsided results. It is a mix of getting better in a largely new area of the game while not losing motivation in the face of adversity.

“It’s been a tough year,” Fourticq admitted. “We are playing tough teams. We are also dealing with a lot of injuries with the team, so we have to remember to stay positive and not lose our enthusiasm. We have to be ready, be hungry, and the schedule gives us a lot of experience to build on for next year.”

The positivity is never enough in isolation, but the talent is also undeniable. Fourticq entered the singles lineup as the youngest player, slotting into the #3 position above more seasoned players. He played #1 in the lineup against a talented UC Irvine team, gaining experience against the highest level of competition in college tennis. The results have not necessarily been there, but they will be.

“It’s been a tough year for singles, especially playing higher in the lineup,” Fourticq said. “It’s been challenging for sure, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot. Going from each match getting better and better which will hopefully show next season.”

With a year under his belt, a steady doubles partnership and match-worn experience, Fourticq enters the offseason with lessons to build upon. It remains to capitalize on these opportunities, but if nothing has stopped him this far, Fourticq will have no choice but to persevere and likely succeed.