African Caribbean Villanovans Host Carnival

Lydia McFarlane, Staff Writer

On Friday, April 8, the African Caribbean Villanovans (ACV) club, in partnership with Nova Nite, organized and hosted its first ever ACV Carnival. The event took place on the University’s Campus Green from 8-11 p.m. 

The African Caribbean Villanovans is a club dedicated to “bridging the gap between Villanova and the diverse cultures of African and Caribbean countries,” according to the bio of its Instagram account, @african.caribbean.villanovans. While each African and Caribbean culture can be much different, this club allows a common space for students of common descent to gather and celebrate their shared heritage. 

Through this club, the many differences, similarities and uniqueness of each African and Caribbean culture is learned about and celebrated through members of the club. The flier for the event advertised an “African-Caribbean Wonderland” filled with good food, fun games and much more. On the Instagram account advertising the Carnival, the caption says, “An event meant to bring everyone together towards the end of the semester, we hope you’re excited for it… We’re not forcing you to come, but if you decide to sit home you’re missing out.” 

The night of the event could be characterized by the smell of good food and the crackle of good energy wafting through the air. Many students arrived at the Campus Green for what ACV had promised, good food and a good time, and they were not let down. There were several food trucks, including taco truck Dos Gringos, an ice cream truck, a bacon truck, a pizza truck and more. There were plenty of carnival inspired games around the Campus Green, which really helped students to get into the Carnival mood. There were basketball games, baseball games, a bouncy house, a football throwing game and many more. Students were awarded mini stuffed animals for winning each of the games. There was also caricature drawing and face painting. 

Attendants of the Carnival could be seen eating, playing games and laughing through the duration of the night. Although there was a brief downpour, students still stayed in line and continued to play games despite the cold rain. For many, this was a perfect way to round out the semester as students approached Easter break, with assignments, projects, exams and finals week looming on the other end of break. 

To keep up to date with any other events the club plans, be sure to follow and tune in to its Instagram account, @african.caribbean.villanovans, where it posts all of its updates and announcements.