Bruce Bands: A Villanova Student Business Spotlight


Courtesy of Victoria Bruce

Julia Stanisci models Bruce Bands.

Gabriella Bevil, Staff Writer

In today’s plagued world, most of us have thrown our jeans and dress shirts aside for the comfort of sweatshirts and sweatpants. With days of online classes and freezing temperatures, matching sweat suit combos are both trendy and comfortable. Nobody provides a better market for this than Villanova students who love to rep their school, club and even Greek life.

Looking to take part in the new wave? Well, look no further. We have found your perfect match for comfort and style. Villanova sophomore Victoria Bruce has started her own company titled “Bruce Brands” that consists of custom sweatshirts, sweatpants and other items.

When students were sent home last March, the combination of more free time and Bruce’s passion for fashion led to her new hit company. What started as preparation for the sorority tradition of “big-little week” quickly snowballed into a full time project when friends started asking for their own designs.

“After making a few items, I showed my friends, and they all wanted them for their sororities,” Bruce said.

The fun does not stop there. Bruce’s craft is not just limited to sweatpants and sweatshirts.

“I also have done sports team sweatshirts, plain sweatshirts with stars on them, personalized laptop cases with names and leopard print and masks,” Bruce said.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of trends and items to fit what they need as a college student this semester. They can be adjusted for sports teams, clubs, sororities, fraternities and other interests. Bruce’s company took off when she utilized cool designs for inspiration but adjusted them to her own,

“A lot of designs are designers-inspired, which shows what is trending in the fashion industry today” she noted.

Bruce is not limited only to Villanova students and can make apparel for students at other schools as well.

As Bruce opened up production on campus, she has continued to grow her business.

“It has definitely brought in more orders as girls see each other’s sweatshirts and want their own,” she said. “One of the things I love about Villanova Sorority Life is that while it’s special to be in your own chapter, every chapter is so interconnected as many girls have friends in all different sororities. Having my friends in all different sororities wearing my apparel is so much fun and shows the connections throughout all of Greek Life and speaks to the family aspect of Villanova’s community”

Girls supporting her brand have only multiplied her business. Awareness has spread throughout campus as more and more girls support this small business started by one of our own.

Bruce’s business is rewarding. She loves to see Villanovans rep her craft walking around campus, whether she knows the person or not.

“That’s the most rewarding thing ever and motivates me to keep improving and growing the business,” Bruce said.

Bruce has allowed students to wear unique items in style, allowing individuality and style to grow on campus.

Bruce is always up to create new designs and is up to new ideas. If someone is interested in ordering, direct message @bruce_brands on Instagram.