How Villanovans Plan to Spend Spring Break

Camille Ferace, Staff Writer

With spring break being right around the corner, many Villanova students are eager for the week-long break to begin. This long-awaited time of year has looked different for the students recently, but this year, more students are hopeful for everything to return to normalcy. Here is how some Villanovans will be spending their Spring break.

Sophomore Taylor Hultquist is embarking on a mission trip and had a lot to say about the organization and her thoughts.

“A few incredibly thoughtful seniors reached out to include me on this trip,” Hultquist said.  “Jared Brewer and Emily Pingelski (’22) have traveled to the DR the past few years, often leading other Villanova students. The group travels through GoMAD (Go Make A Difference), which is an organization that Jared Brewer and his family has been involved with for a while. The trip includes service that centers around reconstruction and painting in the village, but also cultivating healthy relationships and building intercultural bonds.”

Hultquist explained what her and her friends would be doing on the trip.

“This year, we are planning to help rebuild the walls around the bakery that are currently

degrading,” She said. “Additionally, we will have the opportunity to paint murals around the village and spend quality time with the children there through field games, soccer, arts and crafts, and classic conversation.”

It was clear to see her enthusiasm for this trip through her speaking.

“Excited is an understatement,” Hultquist said. “I have so much love and admiration for all of the seniors who have opened their arms to welcome me to the group. I am most nervous about painting because I am artistically challenged, but I look forward to soccer and the other field games that will help build our relationships during our time together. Ultimately, I am also excited to reconnect with my faith surrounded by people who share the same values as me. It will be eye-opening to see a new part of the world that expands beyond Villanova’s bubble.”

Other Villanovans are looking for a change in scenery and weather this spring break. Escaping the winter cold of Pennsylvania, sophomore Alex Tessendorf is catching a flight to Arizona. Tessendorf and a few of her close friends are staying in Arizona for a couple of days and plan to go on hikes, explore the area, shop, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company.

On the other hand, other students are taking full advantage of the winter season. Sophomore Mariana Noble is traveling to Colorado. Noble and her friends plan to spend the majority of their trip skiing and taking in the cool air.

Spring break may not be as fun of a time for those who get sad leaving their friends at Villanova. To avoid this, Freshman Grace Cavanagh is taking one of her friends home with her. Cavanagh and her friend then plan to visit their other Villanova friends that live nearby. 

“I was so lucky to be able to meet so many new friends at Villanova that live so close to me,” Cavanagh said. “I am so happy that I have the opportunity to spend spring break with them without the need to go anywhere or travel very far.”

Spring break does not need to be spent traveling or doing something extravagant. Many Villanova students are happy to relax and be home for the week. 

Freshman Julia McCarthy is using this break to go home to New York, spend time with her boyfriend, and de-stress before returning back in March.

However Villanovans plan to spend their spring breaks, it will be a time for relaxation, adventures, and a much-deserved time off. Having the ability to make plans for spring break where the option of travel is available, is great news for some students.