University to Hold “Love the Skin You’re In” Fashion Show

Emmy Schmelter, Staff Writer

Promoting healthy body image is extremely important, especially in today’s world. What should we all do to practice this? It’s simple: love the skin we’re in. 

The Office of Health Promotion will be holding its annual Love the Skin You’re in Fashion Show on Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m.

For the past 20 years, students and faculty of Villanova have come together for the Office of Health Promotion to put on this inspiring event.

What does this fashion show consist of? The event will feature a wide array of Villanova students demonstrating how they use their fashion from local vendors to express themselves with confidence.

The models wear pieces typically worn to events and activities around campus. The event is partnered with the Runway of Dreams Foundation, which has a goal of empowering people with disabilities with confidence and self-expression through fashion and beauty inclusion.

Interested in becoming a model or participating in the event this year? Most of the students who model in the show are nominated by their peers, advisors, professors or other members of the Villanova community. The organization also encourages anyone to volunteer themselves. 

All students are welcome to participate and can get involved by contacting [email protected]

It is essential to understand the meaning and necessity of an event such as this one. The show serves as a very unique vehicle in reaching hundreds of college students with the powerful message of good self-esteem and self-acceptance. It gives students a space to let loose and appreciate the skin that they’re in.

In addition to promoting healthy body image, for the past eight years, the staff has also chosen a different sub-theme each year. The sub-theme goes hand in hand with positive self esteem and aims to raise awareness and celebrate something that is important to our community.

Some of the sub-themes have included diversity, mental health and women’s empowerment. This year’s sub-theme is invisible disabilities. 

The Office of Health Promotion has partnered with University organization LEVEL for the past several years, and LEVEL will be specifically more involved this year to raise awareness of the sub-theme.

Kristy McCarthy is the Assistant Director of Health Promotion and the staff member coordinating the fashion show. She shared why this type of event is important to her.

“The fashion show allows students to celebrate and express their true authentic selves and how they identify,” McCarthy said. “It allows our community the opportunity to talk and learn more about things that we all might struggle with: body image, mental health, self-esteem, ability and other topics that are usually stigmatized or not acknowledged enough.”

One student who has previously participated in this event spoke about its message.

“I think more than anything it’s a celebration of life,” the student said. “No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter how you dress, to be accepted is the most important thing no matter where you are.” 

More than anything, this event is meant to show that no one is alone. The event provides information for resources on campus and allows people to understand that if they are struggling, there are places to turn to for support. 

The Office of Health Promotion is looking forward to another successful fashion show this year. Curious to see the true meaning of loving your skin? Make sure to support this inspiring event on Feb. 23 in the Villanova Room at the Connelly Center.