Turner: Looking back

John Turner

A couple of nights ago I awoke in a cold sweat from a startling nightmare that seemed so real that I could hardly believe it when I woke up and it was only a dream. The dream was simple in its content. The date was May 20, 2002, the day after graduation. That’s it. That was the nightmare. Pretty scary, huh?

As we approach graduation on May 19 many people who have attended this University for the past four years are in the process of taking stock of what they have experienced and what they have learned and I am no different. My experiences here have been excellent. I partied a lot, studied enough to get by with a decent G.P.A. and enjoyed the hell out of this place as best I could.

So here are a few bits of advice to follow for a rewarding college experience.

Get involved with a campus organization

Yes, I realize that the idea of joining The Villanovan or student government or any of the other of dozens of organizations on campus may seem about as exciting as joining the fraternal order of clam divers, but trust me give one of them a chance. It just may leave a good taste in your mouth. Seriously though, getting involved on campus is the best way to get to know people beyond the dorm room. Fraternities and sororities are great too. On-campus organizations afford people the opportunity to get to know people in a productive social setting and from my experience come with plenty of mindless partying if that is what you are looking for.

Major in what makes you happy

Come the end of sophomore year, Villanova students are faced with choosing a major, a decision that at the time that seems as important any you will ever make. The truth is that it is not. Most people chance career paths at least once in life. Think of it this way, if you major in something that you hate, you will likely go into a career that you will hate and chances are you will try to make a change to something that you like no matter how much money you make. Study what you like and in time money will come. If it doesn’t at least you’ll be a happy poor person.

Never study on a Saturday night

There is a reason that the library closes at eight on Saturdays. It’s because even the faculty thinks that you should be out having fun. There is nothing wrong with studying your ass off to get good grades but let’s not push it. There are people who will tell you that for every hour you spend in class, you should spend two studying for. Okay, even the guy who originally said that didn’t do it. I can think of nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning in five years, staring ahead at a 70 hour work week, and not at least being able to reminisce about the good old days when working late on a Thursday night consisted of trying to kill of my fourth beer on mug night at the Pub. Hey, if you look back on college and all you can remember is the work then you are missing the point of this little thing called life.

Get away from campus every once in a while

Whether it is for a weekend or an hour, sometimes you just need to get away from campus. College life, especially dorm life is great, but there are times that the whole college environment will get to you. Things in your life can get stressful, and seeing the kid in your dorm appropriately nicknamed “Mongo” stumble drunk down the hall asking if you “like wraslin?” not prove to be the stress reliever that you are looking for. So get out, take a walk for an hour or a weekend at home. You will come back refreshed and ready for wraslin with Mongo.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make friendships wherever you can

As important as the education that you get at Villanova is, nothing will be as important as the friends you make and take with you. I have been fortunate enough to make some unbelievable friends here, and I would not trade them in for the world. It’s the time that you spend with friends cramming for exams, watching basketball games, eating in the cafeteria, playing sports, partying on spring break and just hanging out that will stay with you forever. Thank you to all of my friends; Mongo, Moriarty, The Villanovan, Hot Lunch, Musketeers, 29 Main St and everyone else. I love and will miss you all.

May 19 is 24 days away now. Will I cry? Probably. Will I miss ’Nova? Most definitely. Will I wake up on May 20 in a cold sweat? I sure hope not.