possible article on counter-terrorism

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Dear To Whom it may Concern,

From August 4 – 20, I was studying counter-terrorism in Israel (mostly at Tel Aviv University), as an undergraduate fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD; a non-profit, non-partison organization based in DC and founded last October). Along with 25 other students from various US universities, we met with academics, diplomats, and military and intelligence officials; receiving lectures and Q & As about the functional, diplomatic, and academic ways of fighting terror; we also visited the borders with Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza; as well as the troubled city of Jerusalem (and met with the mayor). Bottomline is: the FDD’s goal is to educate people about the threat of terrorism to democratic societies.

The reason for this letter is to ask whether I could write a concise article for The Villanovan, related to what I learned over there. Its just one of the few things the FDD asks from me in return (they payed for the whole thing). Please let me know. I would be more than glad to get this opportunity and I’m sure the FDD will want a paid Ad for the Sept 11 issue. Thanks for your time.

Sincerely,Miguel Chamorro R.