Monte Carlo

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HI, my name is Mercurio Bosche, I am a senior Management Major and I m from Nicaragua. I was going over the Novan today when I was surprised by article by Courtney Starbuck (an interview of Christian Ramirez).

One of the places you mentioned was the Monte Carlo Living room, and it’s parties every other Thursday. I am one of the producers of the event and some of the information you printed is wrong Because people started calling me to verify I thought I’d write to you.

Cover is always 10 Dollars, ladies and gents. We recommend you get there around 11ish, because it does get packed. Jeans are allowed as long as they aren’t ripped or “overly trendy.” Dark jeans work fine, but most people dress to impress.

The Monte Carlo Living room is a private restaurant, my partners and I rent it (only)every other Thursday. If you go on a regular Thursday, it’s restaurant only, and attire is decided by the establishment.

I am very happy to see our event being mentioned. For years I have been including my American friends into our culture, and those that have gone have become regulars. Hopefully the article will develop interest.

Please tell Courtney to contact me if she’s interested on going soon, so that I can arrage comps.

Thank you for your time, and best of luck.Fondly,-M