Author misses the point of The Trojan Women

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To the Editor,I was quite apalled after reading Elissa Valano’s article on the Villanova Theater Production of the Trojan Women. I attended the play last week, and had quite the opposite reaction. This play is powerful, universal and unites Euripides observances from ancient history to a reality that is quite prevalent in our society today. The costumes and scenery were not anachronistic, but rather served as a unifying bond between the suffering of the past and the suffering in our world today. If anything the “anachronistic” items of the play only showed that these issues are communal and that not too much has changed over the course of thousands of years. Furthermore, watching the women only showed that their experiences in Troy and the experiences of women in Kosovo and Afghanistan are frighteningly similar – but perhaps no one recognizes them today as Euripides recognized them when he wrote this play. Experiencing every woman’s story from Kosovo and Afghanistan brought all of these collective stories to present day and made them much more of a reality. I have seen many shows at the Villanova Theater and this was by far one of the most moving performances I have ever seen. I applaud the director, cast and crew on a fantastic performance and an incredible theatrical experience.

Sincerely,Claire Darmanin