Letters to the Editor

Voter apathy a major problem

To the editors:

Candidates make no attempts to reach out to us because we don’t vote, and we make no effort to vote because candidates don’t reach out to us.

Let’s end the vicious cycle. We need to support candidates who acknowledge young adults’ contribution to society and vow to fight for us. By voting we can make ourselves heard.

If young voters increased our voter participation by just one percent, we would be the deciding factor in competitive races across the nation. As our generation begins to decide the outcome of elections, politicians will begin to work for us. On issues many of us care about – affordable education, housing, health care, good paying jobs, corporate accountability, clean environment – Democrats have been defending our agenda. Let’s show politicians we are an active, mobilized, educated force that won’t be underestimated.

Jenn KauffmanDrive Up The VoteWashington, D.C.

Lack of football attendance disgraceful

To the editors:

Last Saturday afternoon, football fans had a choice of several exciting games to watch on local television. Villanova hosted William & Mary, Miami was at Rutgers and Lehigh played at Fordham. Because I am a local resident, I decided to watch the ‘Nova game. I watched the other two games during the commercial time outs. Rutgers Stadium was sold out as was Fordham’s football stadium. To my surprise, Villanova Stadium was little more than half full. A key match-up of two top 20 teams and 5,000 empty stadium seats is pretty sad. The Villanova community does not know good football when they see it. Villanova is the best college team in the tri-state area, and that includes Temple. Give the football team the support and respect it deserves by showing up for the home games as they march to the playoffs.

S. John MillerNewtown Sq.