Weekly Villanovan???

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With all the resources Villanova has available, why does The Villanovan now only come out every three or four weeks? There are many events which occur at Villanova University which you could cover (besides more sports articles). The University has so much to offer that finding a weeks worth of news happening on campus should be easy. When I attended Villanova, the Villanovan came out once a week. It was fun to read and had interesting articles concerning the University. It was a great way to see what was going on in the upcomming week. I can’t beleive that there isn’t more happening for front page news at Villanova than sports, sports, more sports, and the untidy women’s crew building which was probably vandalized by the (drinking) students of Villanova. Why not some more updates on the lavish buildings and landscaping which the University is so interested in? You could interview a professor or discuss what is happening accademically at the University for a change. Do other Universities put their papers out weekly? Not only students, but alumni and parents also look at this paper as a reflection of the University and its students. If you need some suggestions, e-mail me. I don’t want this to come across wrong. I am not trying to offend anyone. I just think you should have the paper come out regularly, once a week, with some better coverage.

Pete S. – Ex-student.