West Campus Weightroom

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Athletics doesnt care, SGA won’t make it a priority and yet more students use it than they do the online voiting systems or ticket distribution. The issue i am concerned with is the students weight rooms. These facilities have been deteriorating over the past 2 semesters and there seems to be no end or help in sight. We have sports teams who go here for free, eat for free, and use facilities that are safe and well maintained. However, for a normal student who pays tuition and wishes to use a clean ad safe facility it has become impossible. As a resident of the west campus apartments i am especially dissapointed in the condition of the relatively NEW farley fitness center. How can a universty which charges over $34,000 and expects to attract new students not maintain a fitness center which is open 10+ hours a day and is always busy. Broken treadmills, machines, and weights are the beginning to this facility. I have contacted Athletics and SGA and have not seen any change ove the past 5 weeks, and have on one occasion recieved no response from an SGA board member! I suggest the villanovan also look into this issue bacuase this is the tip of the iceberg and i havent even considered the south campus gym. Athletics has told me they “expanded facilities for students, but havent expanded the budget.” HOW CAN YOU EXPAND AND NOT BUDGET FOR UPKEEP! This is an unsafe situation and i am most positive that the “powerhouse” varsity weightroom does not have this problem! the students deserve better, the university must take this into consideration.