Univ. weathers minor snowstorm



Andrea Wilson

A snow-covered campus had the University’s grounds crew busy on Wednesday when a small storm arrived, bringing slush and snow to the northeastern United States. Though the weather was a nuisance the University stayed open, as students plodded along the campus’s slushy roads and pathways to their classes.

“It was definitely slippery. I almost fell more than a few times,” sophomore Sarah Oberhauser said. “But it didn’t really affect my day too much. I still had to go to class and water polo practice.”

Other students were more optimistic about walking around in the weather, like sophomore Bethany Deal.

“It made going to my 8:30 a little easier since it was gorgeous out. I left all my classrooms slippery and wet, but I thought it was absolutely beautiful,” Deal said.

Despite the snow, Wednesday was actually one of the warmest days of the unusual January cold snap that has had students relying on thick winter layers to make it around campus.

Chuck Leeds of the University’s grounds crew said Wednesday was “a long, slow day.” He expected the department to continue working late into the night.

According to Leeds, the whole campus needs the attention of the grounds crew when it snows. “It’s critical to clear and salt everything to make sure it’s safe,” Leeds said.