Robert Fisk and the Independent

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Sadly, in the coming months, we as a country will be forced to participate in something that the majority of ourcitizenry does not approve of. Mainstream media, rather than sticking to the fundamental principals of journalism, is much more intent upon satisfying the ratings/readership demands of the day. They have made themselves irrelevant for the most part as far as providing the public with a clear, truthful picture of the moment at hand. And so it is my feeling that it is now up to a new generation of thinkers, citizens, and journalists to cut through this current preponderance of uncertainty and provide the truth to their friends, coworkers, classmates and readers.

Around the globe you will find that newspapers generally have a totally different take on what is unfolding in theMiddle East. Reported upon last week by Paul Krugman in the New York Times, it seems that world public opinion has been formed upon information that very much contradicts much of what is being reported in this country. Krugman ends his piece by stating that it is not up to him to decide which message is correct, as he is only the messenger. We must decide. The only problem with this logic is that it is very difficult to find any of this “foreign” material in the United States. Very few newspapers have the courage to consider publishing copy from overseas newspapers. College campuses have always been at the vanguard of new movements and it seems to me that now is a critical moment in the future of US journalism. To participate in the globalized world, was as citizens must be able to better appreciate global thought and the only way to accomplish this is to expose ourselves to it.

We are the representatives of a weekly news service from The Independent newspaper of London. Certainly you must be familiar with the work of many of its writers. Robert Fisk, perhaps the most prolific, has been speaking over the past couple of years around the US campus circuit and regularly draws audiences in the hundreds and sometimes thousands. This is really quite unprecedented for a journalist. Students clearly have sought him out. Now you have an opportunity to give these same students regular entries in your newspaper from Fisk and a number of other award winning international journalists. There is no better time than now. And price should be no consideration. I can work with you so that this is a very affordable opportunity, just let me know what your constraints are.

Please, if interested, don’t hesitate to contact me. I guarantee you an experience that will shake things up around the office for sure!!


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