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I am very excited to share the news. It’s My Heaven is now a part of the YA book collection in The Dallas Public Library in Dallas, TX and The Peabody Institute Library in Danvers, MA. It is also featured in Womenwriters on About.com as one of the Guide’s Top Picks.

Please take a look at the press release below. You can find excerpts on www.amazon.com, www.espahls.com, and www.authorsden.com/espahls.


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It’s My Heaven

Getting there is tougher than she thought

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS-Katie has always felt her life was mapped out for her. But, so far, the directions haven’t been crystal clear. How will she find success in a life that is just as painful as it is fulfilling? E.S. Pahls’ book It’s My Heaven (now available through 1stbooks Library) acknowledges what’s real in the lives of our youth. This novel neither promotes nor encourages the activities of the young people in it. While it does not condemn those who participate in such activities, it applauds those who choose to be independent.

By the time Katie begins her first year at the University, she’s questioned her prior decision to follow rather than compete with her “perfect,” older sister. She wants to break free and take her own path to adulthood. She’s excited. She’s scared. The possibilities are endless. If only she can focus…

Katie begins to lose faith in herself until she meets Bryan, a friendly waiter at a local restaurant who sees her in a way no one else has. All she can think about is Bryan-the way he looks, the sound of his voice, his scent, his touch. But why is she resisting? Why is she so afraid? If only she can breathe…

E.S. Pahls offers readers a novel that relates to the complexity of a teen’s life. Pahls, a mother of three, has been on both ends of the spectrum as her protagonist, and the insight gained from her own experiences paints a rich picture for readers of all ages.

When not working, Pahls spends most of her time with her family. Although she has her “over-protective” moments as a mother, she looks forward to experiencing more real-life situations with her own children. Eventually, she admits, the day will come when she can once again frequent movie theatres and restaurants with her husband, secure in the fact that she has been a successful parent. She still feels those tingles… It’s My Heaven is her first novel.


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