Iraq Situation

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No President or his policies have ever disturbed me more than your foreign policies and your insistence in waging war with Iraq. Not only do these policies reflect growing negativity with regard to world opinion of us as a freedom loving nation, but in carrying out these policies you are also neglecting the issues that most Americans feel deserve more attention at this time; i.e. the economy, health and education.Neither you nor your advisors or cabinet members have shown any concrete evidence that Iraq is an immediate, or for that matter a future, threat to the United States.Thanks to you, we have become the bully of the free world. We have always admonished other governments for the posture you now present in dealing with issues such as these. We stood for peace and peaceful solutions for all issues regarding the safety of the people of the world. Our standing as a freedom loving country has been severely compromised and diminished because of your fixation in waging war on Iraq, in spite of the efforts of more rational countries who find diplomacy and the value of life more sacred.Germany and France are showing more class, intelligence, and compassion than you appear to have.I urge you to back off on your insane plans that will jeopardize the safety of not only the innocent people of Iraq, but of all people of the world.You may be protected at all times, but you have no right to play God with the lives of other human beings who will be the focus of terrorism should you persist in your irrational plan.Listen to the world and the call for peaceful solutions to this issue.As always, I expect you will never get to see this letter. I do hope though, that the tally of anti-war sentiments sent to you will persuade you to re-think your stance and convince you that there are no winners in war.