PhillyClassic4 Videogame Show

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This is information about PhillyClassic4, an event at the Valley Forge Convention Center where videogame collectors and players will come together from around the world to trade, purchase, and most important, play videogames from the past and present. We will have the world’s first videogame arcade, Computer Space, on display for competition.

We have a press photo and a caption with names etc. of the folks in the photo. It’s a shot of two seniors dressed in Revolutionary War era garb, sitting in the Wall House Museum, circa 1682 in Cheltenham, playing videogames!!!!I will eMail it to you

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THE QUICK BLURB…About PhillyClassic – PhillyClassic is a celebration of video gaming, from Asteroids to XBox. The fourth annual show, PhillyClassic4, will feature competitive classic arcade and home game tournaments, tons of systems set up for free play, a classic gaming auction, hot deals at the buying/selling/trading tables, and lots of door prizes. March 28-30, 2003 at The Valley Forge Convention Center. To save money by buying tickets online or to be an exhibitor, see the official website,

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Philadelphia, PA – PhillyClassic, The East Coast Classic Gamer’s Event, will take place at the Valley Forge Convention Center on Friday, March 28 through Sunday March 30, 2003. The annual show, now in its fourth year, gives video gamers an opportunity to play, purchase, and trade video games from the past and a chance to test drive some modern classics on today’s latest gaming technology. The show is a blast for video gamers of all ages.

PhillyClassic is dedicated to giving video game fans, both new and old, a great weekend of playing arcade and home console games, competing in tournaments, and buying, selling, and trading classic gaming systems, software, and accessories. PhillyClassic4 is expanding to a three-day format and nearly 15,000 square feet of convention and display space.

With the resurgence in popularity of everything retro, such as lava lamps, disco, bell-bottoms, and the Mini Cooper, classic video game systems such as Atari, ColecoVision, and Intellivision, are once again enjoying a second life. Not only are the original game systems popular once again, but compilations and remakes of classic games on modern platforms such as Playstation2 and Windows PC’s have been making a new generation of gamers aware of their roots.

Open to the public, PhillyClassic offers everyone a chance to revisit the electronic past. PhillyClassic is a hands-on show, not a traveling museum. Come see and play systems you grew up with and loved… or cool retro videogame systems you may have missed, such as stereovision 3-D handheld systems.

Organizer David Newman said “Many classic console game stations will be set up and ready to play with literally dozens of the most popular games from the 1970’s and ’80’s. You can also rub elbows with fans of more obscure systems like the Vectrex and the incredibly rare AdventureVision. We’ll have Atari and Commodore computer games as well! The show is not exclusive to oldies, either. Come and play some instant classics (definition: games that are so much fun, you can’t put ’em down) for today’s cutting edge gaming technology, including Playstation2, Xbox, and Gamecube. Join us as we reminisce about digital days gone by, play lots of great games and show a new generation the history of electronic fun.”

For arcade fans, there will be plenty of full-sized coin-operated classic arcade games set on free play all day long.

Admission is $20 for a 2-day pass or $30 for a 3-day pass and allows attendees to play all day, enter tournaments, participate in a classic gaming auction, and meet fellow gamers, vendors, and videogame celebrities. Prizes will be awarded to the tournament winners, and there will be door prizes given away throughout the day. For those individuals interested in displaying their wares for sale, or just for show, display tables will be available for $60, and should be reserved as early as possible.