Terrorist Attacks

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Maybe this has been addressed, maybe this has not. While I am a reader of the Villanovan, I am not one to keep up to date with articles published. It has recently come to my attention, and I am sure to the attention of the rest of this country, that a terrorist attack of chemical, biological or radiological levels is highly possible. Why is this of great importance to Villanova University? Well there are many reasons. First, although we are not along the eastern seaboard exactly, we are located near a major city, which we have seen in the past are easy targets. Second, we are American citizens as much as anyone else, so the raising of the terror alert level should be taken quite seriously; Villanova can’t shield us from everything. Third, the university’s poor response to September 11th and by poor I mean the continuing of classes and the ignorance of professors to speak about the life changing event leads me to fear the university is going about this situation with blinders on their eyes as well. I do understand that the university did its best to console those affected, but that does not solve more serious physical threats? Maybe being from the New York metropolitan area makes me more sensitive to this, but maybe I do know what went through peoples minds on that day because those experiencing it were personal friends of mine. But if panic like that is caused by a terrorist attack, what ramifications and effects would it have locally? In the case of such another attack, does the university know what to do? I don’t mean in counseling, but in contingency plans. If there is an immediate threat to the area, and I say area because a chemical, biological or radiological weapon is not a localized issue, do we just panic while the university continues classes? Shouldn’t this issue be addressed and a plan be readied so that those who are not appeased by the university’s ignorance could feel prepared? I haven’t heard a thing. Are we supposed to run to the health center hoping for the best? Anything is possible these days and while I may seem pessimistic we have learned that being under-prepared for something is far worse than being over-prepared for nothing.

Thank you for your time.