Jason Fraser

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(Please publish this version of my letter–proof reading error on the last version)

To the Editor,

I am a 1988 alum.

Last evening, I sat down to watch the Villanova men’s basketball team take on St. Joe’s on ESPN2. While I was disheartened by the loss, I am sure the team will recover to go on and have a good season.

What I found most disheartening, however, was the lack of class exhibited by Jason Fraser. Following his second foul, the ESPN cameras focused on Mr. Fraser jogging back up court with a big smile on his face, putting his index finger to his mouth to tell the St. Joe’s fans to “shush.” While I think this swaggering type of behavior is ridiculous and inappropriate under any circumstances, what makes it all the more remarkable was that Villanova was getting blown out at the time.

I hope Mr. Fraser will begin to look to the senior leadership of the likes of Gary Buchanan and begin to represent the class of the Villanova men’s basketball program and Villanova University.


Peter L. Bayers, Ph.D. ’88New Milford, CT