Uniting against the violent

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Colin Girgenti uses some of the oldest, hoariest, and most dicredited claims of the left vis a vis the current conflict in Iraq, including (paraphrasing, of course) “blood for oil”, “Arabs are too primitive for democracy”, and “North Korea is a bigger threat”. If Mr. Girgenti is serious about “uniting against the violent”, perhaps he should consult the incredibly horrific human rights record of Saddam Hussein and his Baathist regime. I know the Baathists are socialists and therefore above reproach in Mr. Girgenti’s worldview, but he’s being intellectually dishonest when he advocates uniting against the violent with nary a mention of the millions of Iraqis dead over the last 15 years due directly or indirectly to Saddam and the Baathists. Maybe Mr. Girgenti, instead of turning his hatred of the President into hatred of his own country, should interview some Iraqis who made it out of that hellhole of a country, maybe even some of those who witnessed the rapes, the public beheadings, the use of a plastic shredding machine to exact political punishment. Or to a Kurdish person whose family was wiped out by Saddam’s gunships or nerve agents. Unite against the violent, Mr. Girgenti; and stop ignoring facts because they’re inconvenient to your argument.