Women’s Basketball

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I would just like to express my dissatisfaction regarding the headlines of last week’s issue of the Villanovan. As scandal and embarrassment grips the university and sweeps the front page, little has been done to commemorate and congratulate the women’s basketball team on their remarkable feat in stopping one of the longest winning streaks in sports history, and knocking off the reigning number one team in the nation. We congratulate them with one story on half a page? While the men’s basketball team does not appear to have the common sense to distinguish what is right and wrong, the women’s team received far less attention for a positive action. The women over the entire year have had little coverage, despite being in the Top 20 for the majority of the season. Why not take pride in a team that is doing so well, and exploit our successes in the headlines? The men’s team and the football team have consistently received far more attention for doing so little in comparison to the women. While the wrongdoings of the men’s team provide newsworthy headlines, I feel that the women deserve a little more attention for their incredible accomplishments, and as students we should take pride in our girls team. It’s the least we can do for what they have given us and the university.