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LOS ANGELES–Or so they told Michael Ball, CEO of the biggest company to happen to college graduates since MasterCard and Anheuser-Busch. Called Career Freshman Co., it’s finally leading newbies out of the Fortune 500 basement into the sunshine of their passions. Which is all based on his book that was too smart for St. Martin’s, too brash for Little, Brown,and too free-tongued for even Free Press.

Entitled @ THE ENTRY LEVEL: ON SURVIVAL, SUCCESS, & YOUR CALLING AS A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL, the book is the first ever to expose Corporate America’s dirty little secrets to college students and new grunts, actually leveling with them about what the early years of work mean; besides Xeroxing. Ball, a veteran of both the Big Five (now Four) consulting and Silicon Valley startup worlds, challenges career freshmen in @ THE ENTRY LEVEL to come to terms with their values and priorities, and seek out that work they were born with in their hearts. Plus shows them how to keep from punching company employees in the mouth.

The tome was shopped to the trade by the Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency (representing best-selling WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? author Dr. SpencerJohnson, among others), and called academic for discussing how to build a personal brand; indulgent for addressing the transition from college to work; highbrow for questioning fat paychecks and 80-hour workweeks; dangerous for denouncing company loyalty; and altogether fanciful for encouraging greenbeans to follow their dreams and live a life of meaning and richness. Most readers, however, have opted simply to call it “genius.” And funny as hell.

Now thousands of tassel-turners across the country are changing their lives with something that New York’s literati said they wouldn’t evenunderstand. Today, Ball suspects Wall Street will have the same thing to say about Career Freshman Co. In fact, he’s counting on it.

@ THE ENTRY LEVEL, a paperback original, is available at, direct from the publisher, and at finer bookstores. Click the link below for further details:

Complimentary copies are available to editors scheduled to write a review. Interviews with Michael Ball may also be requested.