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This is NOT a letter to the editor. My name is Larry Goanos and I was the Sports Editor of The Villanova in 1983-84 (you probably have a dusty plaque in a file cabinet drawer somewhere with my name on it). I’d like to write an Op-Ed for The Villanovan but I don’t know if you accept these, what the criteria is, etc. Nor do I know how many issues are left in this school year. Whoever is reading this letter, someday you’ll be a 40-year old alum, as I am, and you will appreciate the indulgence of an undergrad, as I do today. Let me know if you’d be interested in an Op-Ed from me (on the general topic of the recent basketball phone card scandal) and what the parameters of such a piece might be (e.g. maximum word count, etc.)

Thanks in advance for you help.

Larry Goanos, Class of [email protected]