Letter Supporting Nestor/Tim for SGA President/Vice President

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Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of Nestor Fernandez and Timothy McGovern who are running for SGA president and vice president. I would like to thank all of you who made the right choice in voting for Nestor and Tim this week. I urge you to once again make that same decision on Monday in the run-off election, and furthermore I encourage those who voted for someone else, or did not get a chance to vote to consider Nestor and Tim. As an organization leader on this campus, I full confidence that there are no other students more capable of leading our student body than Nestor and Tim. These two gentlemen have been proven leaders on campus in diverse areas, and will bring to SGA a fresh look from two men who already know what it takes to be leaders. Nestor and Tim’s platform provides realistic initiatives; restructuring the SGA budget, ensuring that the Quad will get fixed, as well as other campus eyesores, and a main campus gym in Alumni Hall. Furthermore, Nestor and Tim are going to reach out to improve relations with the local community, something which Nestor has already done when he set up the Stars and Stripes Memorial Softball game with Lower Merion Twp. Currently, many platform initiatives promised to the student body last year remain unfulfilled (campus laundry service, Corner Grille delivery, “Safe Rides”). When all is said and done next year, Nestor and Tim will not have initiatives left undone. Let Nestor and Tim be your voice in SGA next year.


Michael Stallings, ‘032002 President, Delta Tau Delta