Students for Nestor and Tim

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There are many characteristics that make a person a good leader: dedication, hard work, intelligence, etc..but there are those characteristics that divide the good from the great. I believe that a great leader is one with heart, someone with passion. I believe that any one can do anything and get the job done, but don’t we want a leader who will not just settle for the satisfactory? Nestor Fernandez and Tim McGovern both have heart. Outside of SGA, they are each real people, each making a great impact on Villanova. From student retreats, to Greek life, through volunteer services,, including VEMS, these individuals dedicate their time not only as students of this community, but workers and representatives of what Villanova prides: individuals reaching out and taking advantage of the opportunities that surround each of us, passionate people who will not be tempted by the road of mediocrity, who strive for greatness. Nestor and Tim are great individuals, and I believe they would make great leaders.

Amy Borromeo