Fr. Stack’s favorite bar????

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Dear Editor, I read the article, Univ. favorite Kelly’s bar to reopen in the fall, April 28th. As I tend to agree that it was a “favorite” hangout for us when we were attending VU, I was shocked and a little puzzled why Fr. Stack would endorse the old watering hole. He wrote “You were hardly there as an underclassmen”???? Fr., Are you kidding me? I never saw you there? And I was a “regular” for my entire four years. There was always underage students in Kelly’s and the only way for it to survive again is for the underage to go back. It makes me think that you are very close to the former students opening Kelly’s and that is a little disheartening to think you would give endorsing quotes as a favor. Do not get me wrong, I liked Kelly’s and am very glad to see it re-open, but as Charlie Blooms says in the article, “once it reopens, they’ll (upper and underclassmen) be back). M ’92