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To the Editors:

I am writing this letter in response to the Editorial published in the April 25th edition. I wanted to clarify the relationship between Novafest and CAT. While CAT board members are often involved in the planning of Novafest due to their experience with planning campus events, Novafest is a separate organization with a separate budget. These two organizations have no financial ties to each other and the actions of one have no effect on the other. To criticize CAT for planning two great events during the course of the year takes away from the hard work of the organization and its members. In order for Novafest to continue to provide bands that Villanova has come to expect the Villanovan editors should concentrate their efforts on asking the Office of Student Development to provide more funding to this favorite campus wide event. You would think that an organization with a long history of involvement in Novafest would understand this.

David GarrettClass of 2001