SGA Presidential Elections

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To the Editors, It was with some difficulty that I chose to endorse Nestor Fernandez because I know that the Villanova community would be well served by each candidate. I had the opportunity to meet Nestor last spring on a Campus Ministry retreat. I was inspired by his constant affirmations and I found his enthusiasm for life to be rather contagious. Over the course of our friendship I learned that there is a great deal more to this crazy Cuban than bright pink shirts and his constant smile. I believe Nestor Fernandez is a man of principles with a strong faith and excellent convictions. Specific to his platform I support the idea of boosting Nova Nation to allow more students to attend basketball games and I also believe that more funds should be allocated to extracurricular activities. More recently I have had the privilege of meeting Tim McGovern. To be perfectly honest, I absolutely love how hard this guy works at making other people feel good about being themselves. On numerous occasions I have found both Nestor and Tim walking around campus talking to people simply in the hopes of spreading the love for the greatest place on earth, Villanova University.

Tommy RyanClass of 2005