The Chestnut Brothers

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I’m sending you this email in reference to The Chestnut Brothers’ “Stop the Violence” Tour. Their CD “Peace Suite” is doing very well all across the U.K., Europe, China and Japan. The website “” which is based in London, states that their song “Travelin’ On” is the best danceable gospel record of the year thus far. The Chestnut Brothers’ overseas success is mainly due to their CD being on It is a website geared toward independent artist. Their CD “Peace Suite” was 3rd on the Best Sellers list the first week it was released; and is also on the “Editor’s Pick” page.

Their highly anticipated Inspirational R&B/Contemporary Gospel EP entitled “Peace Suite” will be released here in the United States on June 17. “Peace Suite” is a wonderful collection of inspirational message songs promoting world peace, love and unity! It is good music for the mind, body and soul. The Chestnut Brothers (Al & Ty) are a very talented singing, song writing, and production team born in Columbia, SC and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

They have entertained audiences in major U.S. cities and throughout Germany, England and Bahrain; and have recorded with internationally known artists, Grover Washington, Jr., Luther Vandross and Najee. Their songs have been adopted by such civic organizations as The MLK Institute For Non-Violence, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Victory Over Violence Campaign, The National Union For the Homeless, CANAAN Kids, Philadelphia Police Dept. (OPERATION: Safe Streets), Men United For A Better Philadelphia, Ex-Offenders and Philadelphia Making A Difference Against Guns, Drugs and Violence.

The Stop the Violence Tour kicks off this June:

June 6, 2003:Overbrook High School.

June 7: Black Heritage Festival (Philadelphia, PA)

June 8: Odunde (Philadelphia)Christina River Club (Wilmington, DE)

June 28:Moorish Unifaction Annual Fundraiser (Philadelphia, PA)

June 29:Sunoco Welcome America (Philadelphia, PA)

I have included the CD cover and a photo of The Chestnut Brothers and Charles S. Dutton “Roc”, who we will be working with once the tour hits the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

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