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The Montgomery county Libertarians are hosting their next exciting Liberty Forum on Tuesday, Aug. 19 at 7:30 PM at the Philadelphia Inquirer building in West Conshohocken. The subject will be the controversial Free State Project recently featured on MSNBC.

The Free State project is a bold plan in which 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people will move to a single state of the U.S., where they will work within the political system to reduce the size and scope of government. The success of the Free State Project would entail reductions in burdensome taxation and regulation, reforms in state and local law, an end to federal mandates, and a restoration of constitutional federalism, demonstrating the benefits of liberty to the rest of the nation and the world.

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============================================Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the county, state, and the nation, with over 500 elected and appointed officials currently serving in office nationwide, 71 in Pennsylvania, and 7 in Montgomery County. Like the Founding Fathers, Libertarians believe that you have a creator-given, inalienable right to conduct your life as you see fit, without interference, so long as you respect the rights and property of others. As a result, Libertarians favor a small, responsible government. The two old parties have much in common with the Libertarian Party. Republicans agree with the Libertarian values of economic freedom, while the Democrats agree with the Libertarian values of personal freedom and civil liberties.

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