Album review

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Arts Editor:

I am writing to request an album review by your arts staff. Dramatic Oil Company is a band from State College, PA, who has released their debut album, “Furious Styles.” They have been featured in Penn State area newspapers, and have become a local favorite for three years. The members of Dramatic Oil Company (or Dramoco, as it is known to fans) are moving ahead and working hard to tour and promote their music to a wider audience. They will soon be playing many universities and clubs in the northeast in an effort to generate grassroots support for genuinely good music. In an effort to gain a wider exposure and build a better musical resume, we would very much like your newspaper to consider reviewing this great independent album release.

The album and band information is available on the web at, and full-length songs are available for download at A copy will be mailed for review consideration at your request and our receipt of the proper mailing address. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Conor Nelson and the band – Trent, Billy, Aaron, and Mike