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This is not a letter for publication in the Villanovan. Rather it is to alert you to a potential news story. I am a 1973 Villanova grad who has started my own clothing line called nadaLOGO. It is for people who don’t like to wear designer brand logo clothing. Rather than being a walking billboard for a big name company by wearing their clothing, usually festooned with a rather large symbol or their name you can wear nadaLOGO clothing. It merely says nadaLOGO on it. When someone asks, “what does the logo say?” you can answer “What logo? It’s nadaLOGO.” Please visit the website www.nadalogo.comOnce there you will see what we stand for, good quality clothing with a cool idea at very reasonable prices. So far 3 local newspapers in my area have run stories on nadaLOGO and Don Polec from Channel 6 Action News has filmed a segment on it. It has not aired yet but could as soon as this weekend. If you would like to discuss nadaLOGO a little further just give me a call at (610) 869-2500Bill Mann ’73