international issues in the villanovan

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Flipping through the pages of The Villanovan, one thing that pops out is the fact that international stories are never reported or discussed. On campus, there seems to be an apathy for these issues. Yet, the impacts of actions that occur in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia to Mexico to North Korea affect our everyday lives just as much as any of the other articles that are present in The Villanovan. For example, the fact that many graduate students have had stressful job searches this past year is due to a recession strengthened by terrorist attacks and a US-led invasion of Iraq. The world is increasingly more interconnected and even Villanova students are included in the vast web of globalization. As an active member of the International Relations Club, I am proposing a monthly column on international affairs and how they relate to Villanova students. I think that this would be a great way to draw interest in the oft overlooked world of international affairs. If you are interested in allowing intelligent, bright students who are well-informed on these issues and their impacts to write a monthly column, I encourage you to please respond to this email either by emailing myself at [email protected] or the club president at [email protected]. You can also call me at 410-707-0966 or leave me a message on my campus voice mail which is 76979. Thank you.