Dr. Glover’s Editorial

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I read with sympathy Dr. Cynthia Glover’s story about the politically motivated vandalism of her office door, as well as the identical crime committed against her friend and his door. The person or people who did this are cowards, afraid of open dialogue, frightened by debate, and unable let their opinion coexist with a harmless political expression. I hope that they read Dr. Glover’s editorial and are embarrassed. Unfortunately, Dr. Glover didn’t stop after she’d accomplished that. She goes on to embarrass herself with rhetoric dredged up from the likes of Michael Moore and Jacques Chirac. She implies that the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the United States begging Iraqis not to destroy their oil fields, their main source of income and their best chance at rebuilding their nation, is that Bush and Cheney must be imperialist oil men. Incredibly, she also claims that the war on terrorism shifted, abruptly I suppose, to regime change in sovereign nations. She doesn’t address the regime-in-question’s crimes against its people or its use of torture chambers and ‘rape rooms’. According to a recent independent poll taken in Iraq, almost two thirds of Iraqis say that no matter what now lies ahead, they believe that they are better off without Saddam Hussein. Perhaps she should have written two separate editorials: one on her legitimate criticism of the lack of political tolerance and expression at Villanova, and one on her opinions about the war for Iraqi freedom. The former would merit space on any self-respecting political thinker’s office door. The latter could be passed between co-workers, for a laugh.

Chris AllowayDrexel Hill, PA