the SEPTA tunnel

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I along with most of the junior class am absolutely loving west campus. The accommodations are amazing and its not as bad of a walk as everyone thinks. In fact, it is a pretty pleasant walk. I especially enjoy the tunnel. I like the tunnel because you never know what you are going to get. Some days it may be an icy crag, other days it may smell like puke, and in today’s case, you may need a raft to get through it. Lets be honest, nobody likes the tunnel. So let’s do something about it. I am unfamiliar with the logistics of such a plan, but if Villanova owns that space, they ought to be ashamed that for some students who visit, the very first thing that they see is a crumbling pile of slate. If SEPTA owns the space they should be equally ashamed that they don’t provide a pleasant, safe walkway for a stop that generates a decent portion of their business. So here is a suggestion: commission some student artists. Yes there are some on this campus! Give them portions of the tunnel to express themselves. They won’t offend anybody. Just make my daily commute something to smile about, not gripe about. Brian Galloway class of ’05