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I have noticed several issues present in the past few issues of the Villanovan that I would like to address here. The first one came up after last week’s article regarding being the 8th most wired campus. First of all, not only is this ranking extremely boring, but it certainly has not struck me as being true when I have tried to sign on novasis or the registrar’s homepage to find it most of the time…unavailable. I also find that there is a printer in the bio computer lab, but it is now restricted to use between 9-5pm, when it used to be 24hr. I know there are numerous triumphs in the field of computer assisted learning at Villanova however, WebCT for example is a phenomenal resource and very helpful to professors. I also understand that keeping all of these systems operational is a critical job as well, but let’s work out the bugs before we celebrate. I would also specifically like to address the letter written by Fr. O’Dowd last week concerning the Wrath of God being called down upon those who write and read horoscopes. As he says, “Divining the future is strictly forbidden to us mortals”. He couldn’t be more correct. This is why we don’t have the power to do so. We are at Villanova, not Hogwart’s. As I have “learned”, horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only. I figure the writer in charge of them probably just makes something up an hour before printing, sans an unholy ritual. Fr, O’Dowd missed the point that the Villanovan could not be closer to the core of the university. It has brought us literal Veritas through this incident. There are several truths to consider here as a matter of fact. As I said, horoscopes are for entertainment, the Villanovan staff does not make its reputation on soothsaying and slighting the Almighty. Actually, its reputation, of reporting such issues as News, Activities and Service Trips could not capture the Truth, Unity and Love at Villanova any better. Specifically on this topic, by printing Fr. O’Dowd’s letter, The Villanovan has provided us with an education in a Catholic background; now we have been alerted to the fact that the Church dismisses divination. Villanova’s purpose is to educate in the Catholic tradition, not to conduct an Inquisition in it. This means to educate people honestly and in addition just add an emphasis of the Catholic perspective. Hopefully, it will keep up the marvelous job it has done while I have been here.