“Women Deserve Better” than abortion speaker comes to campus

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(This is not a request to be printed in The Villanovan!)

Villanovans for Life kicks off its Respect Life Week this coming Sunday, Nov. 9th and is entitled “Women Deserve Better.” We are focusing the week on educating campus on how abortion affects women.

Speaker Georgette Forney, co-founder of the “Silent No More Awareness Campaign” will offer personal testimony of her experience with abortion when she was only 16. The talk is entitled “Abortion, a Woman’s Perspective.” Her organization works to empower women who have gone through an abortion to speak out about how it has affected their lives.

Please consider covering this speaking event. An article would be both timely and relevant as the ban on Partial Birth Abortion was just signed into law.

Please email me at: [email protected] further questions or for a calendar of events for our “Women Deserve Better” week.

Thank you,

ColleenPresident, Villanovans for Life